K.I.N.G.S. Center comprises of Academies, Programs & Initiatives designed to support a specific populations of BYMOC, offering mentoring, life skills & wellness. These endeavors encompass a range of activities and services, extending to after-school, summer, and community initiatives.

Personalized Leadership Coaching

KINGS Academies (KA) are specialized developmental programs crafted to tackle the distinct challenges encountered by a particular demographic of Boys & Young Men of Color. These academies are dedicated to offering support, resources, and opportunities that foster academic, emotional, and social success for the participants.

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Cultivating Positive Mindsets

 KINGS Programs are crafted to empower and cultivate leadership skills in boys and young men of color. By engaging in workshops, mentoring, and experiential learning, we guide them in constructing confidence, resilience, and a robust sense of self-worth.

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Building Strong Networks

KINGS Initiatives (KI) promote community engagement and advocacy, empowering boys and young men of color to confront social justice issues, advocate for their rights, and contribute to positive social change. KI provides platforms for raising awareness, organizing campaigns, and amplifying the voices of participants.

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